There are several good reasons to laminate your digital graphics. Overlaminate films protect your graphics from abrasion, chemicals, and UV exposure. Abrasion and detergents can rub or wash the pigment off of the prints. They’re like a gang of hoodlums that roam the country looking for unprotected graphics. They sneak in while you’re not looking and rub ‘em out. You need protection. Any printed graphic installed in an environment in which the final product will be washed, walked on, or exposed to dirt and debris should be laminated.

Overlaminate can also protect from UV exposure and extend the outdoor life of the ink. Depending on the quality of the overlaminate, your cornhole print can last up to eight times longer than it would without protection.

Our laminate is 4 mils thick. Meaning you would have to apply at least 8 coats of polyurethane to equal the thickness of our laminate.

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