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Buy 3 Stock Cornhole Wraps, Get the 4th FREE!!
Buy 3 Stock Cornhole Wraps, Get the 4th FREE!!



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3M FINISH LINE KNIFELESS TAPE is perfect for wrapping cars, boats, and anything else that you apply vinyl to that you need that perfect cut. No more struggling to use a blade to cut straight and worrying about scratching that boat or car you are wrapping. Instead of taking a knife to the surface to cut the vinyl, apply 3M FINISH LINE KNIFELESS TAPE to do the cutting for you! Just apply the tape to the vehicle or boat, were you you want your cut to be and use 3M FINISH LINE KNIFELESS TAPE to cut straight on your line. Perfect for door handles, mirrors, window trim, head lights, tail lights, and wheel wells etc. It has made vehicle and boat wrap cutting easy! 3.5 mm (1/8” nominal) x 50 meters. (164' ) Use for most wrap applications. Conformable around bumpers, door handles, mirrors, etc

Knifeless Tape technology enables installers to create imaginative, one-of-a-kind works of art on vehicles: • Replaces knife cutting during installation • Eliminates surface damage from blades • Allows more design creativity • Ideal for many complex shapes and irregular surfaces Recommended Types of Graphics and End Uses • Knifeless Tape has been specifically designed to operate with the stretchable adhesive films which are laid over contoured shapes with curved edges and contains novel features that allow the tape to turn easily and both directions. • Can be used with most 3M cast films for vehicles, windows and walls • Can be used for trimming: - around mirrors - door handles and all mouldings - around doors and hatched openings - across rubber seals - window coverings prior to application of seal tapes.


Do not subject Knifeless Tape to outdoor applications or prolonged periods of sunlight as tape may become difficult to remove.

CAUTION Handle any Knifeless Tape with care.

DO NOT wrap around fingers or hand during the trimming operation or during the start of the trimming operation. Dispose of filament immediately after use.